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The Importance of Opening Wine Correctly

Opening a wine bottle is an important ritual in the enjoyment of wine! You do not need to be an expert to open a bottle of wine properly, you only need an expert tool. Lever corkscrew is more popular wine opener tool thanks to their ease of use. Lever corkscrews only require two motions, one forward motion in which the worm is inserted into the cork and another that gently pulls the cork from the bottle. 

Best Choice

The lever corkscrew category includes a lot of popular variations, but we propose you most effective and professional type of lever wine openers. Also it popular to give as a gift as it is affordable, yet still a cut above wine keys and winged corkscrews. It looks pretty cool and are extremely easy for anyone to use.

Extremely easy to use 

Lever corkscrew is even easier to use than their winged counterparts. It’s a simple and painless way to open a bottle of wine. Since they don’t require any arm or hand strength, lever corkscrews are ideal for womans and anyone that may suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel or any condition that may limit mobility. This effortless method of opening wine has made this type of corkscrew one of the most popular wine opener. Work both with natural and synthetic corks.

Our Wine Opener Kit Consist 

  • Lever rabbit wine opener removes the cork in few simple steps
  • Wine Foil Cutter included for effortlessly removing foil
  • Wine aerator pourer enriches your wine within seconds for a better taste
  • One extra screwpull corkscrew wine opener spiral included for long-term use.
  • Nice Gift box presentation for gift and storage

VINABON Wine Opener 2019 - Lever Wine Opener Kit - Manual Wine Bottle Opener Set

$24.95 Regular Price
$19.95Sale Price
  • VINABON Wine Opener 2019 - Lever Wine Opener Kit - Manual Wine Bottle Opener Set - Rabbit Corkscrew Wine Openers - Fast Cork Screw Wine Set - Easy Wine Corkscrews Cork Remover Tool - Ebook Wine Guide

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